10 Carpet Cleaning Tricks That You Must Know

let’s face it, spill happens in anyway, despite your best efforts, sooner or later your carpet will end-up with stains.


Carpet cleaning is a little bit tricky for layman!

So, you have to prepare & aware of homemade carpet cleaning tricks before starting by yourself. Otherwise, you end-up with mess of carpet elegance and softness.

Here, you can learn effective carpet cleaning tips to keep your carpet looks new and elegant for years.

Carpet Cleaning Tricks Straight from Industry Experts

1. Clean in criss-cross manner with vacuum cleaner to avoid odours

Use Vacuum Cleaners

2. Shaving foam can give a miraculous result to clean stains

Use Shaving foam

3. Don’t try rubbing to clean stains

Don't try rubbing to clean stains

4. Need to clean regularly, define sections, in case of larger carpet

Clean Carpet Regularly, Section-Wise

5. Try ice cube to remove chewing gum

Ice for Chewing Gum

6. Go with dishwasher products for grease removal

Use Dishwashing Agent

7. To eliminate dripped wax use Iron

Iron the Wax

8. Remove the blood drops by using Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide for Minor Accidents

9. To eliminate strong stains of beer & wine use Club Soda

Miracles of Club Soda

10. Use non-toxic & organic cleaners for Pets mess

Tackle the Oops! Situation from Pets


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