Small Kitchen Ideas – 15 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Small Space

The kitchen has always been the engine of the home, but it is not necessarily the largest room. Many of us are toying with small kitchen ideas, so if you’re frustrated with your lack of space, you’re certainly not alone.

One of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make when planning your kitchen redesign is what type of countertops you want. The style, pattern, and colour of your granite countertops can affect the design of the rest of your kitchen, and it’s important that you choose your countertops early in the remodelling process to ensure that everything else you choose goes well with your countertops.

The constraints of a beautiful kitchen require us to be more inventive with our kitchen ideas. Plus, we think you can afford to be more adventurous in a smaller space than a spacious kitchen with a kitchen island and American-style fridge. Smaller kitchen design also means spending less money on cabinetry, potentially allowing more budget to go to lighting and appliances.

Take the time to really ask yourself how your household uses the kitchen from day to day and find ways to make the most of every extra inch. You’ll be able to turn a tiny kitchen into one that works for you (we should know).

Small Kitchen Ideas – 15 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Small Space

Small Kitchen Ideas That Are Also Budget-Friendly

1. Lead the Eye Up with A Painted Ceiling

A ceiling painted in an unexpected colour will take the eye up and create the illusion that your small kitchen is taller than it is. For smaller kitchen paint colours, consider adding a dollop of colour to the ceiling instead of the walls, and if you can paint them, add a splash of colour to the units as well. You can take, help affordable Interior Designers in Chennai so they can guide you through this process.

1. Lead the Eye Up with A Painted Ceiling

2. Think About How You Use the Space

Be it big or small, we all want our kitchen to look beautiful. However, as with the most dynamic rooms in the home, functionality is just as important as looks. Think about how you use your kitchen daily and what works and what doesn’t.

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2. Think About How You Use the Space

3. Select Tiles in Soothing Natural Tones

Carefully chosen tiles are your secret weapon when designing or updating small kitchen ideas. ‘Mixed media, which include combinations of ceramic and stone, are becoming increasingly popular for creating contemporary-inspired geometric layouts, perfect for modern kitchen ideas.’

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3. Select Tiles in Soothing Natural Tones

4. Create Depth with Textured Walls

The stone-like effect allows your kitchen to adopt some texture and introduce some warmth,’ she remarks. Then, you can always add a bookshelf to your kitchen wall and fill it with cookbooks, pots, and pans. Open shelves against a textured wall will give small kitchen ideas a rustic feel and distract from the lack of space.

5. Add Luxurious Small Details

‘Whatever type of cook you are, beauty is important,’ says Ben of Kitchen Makers.

‘Clear designs with clean lines work best in these types of spaces, however, you can add a touch of luxury and style by specifying more decorative handles or a statement backsplash and good lighting.

5. Add Luxurious Small Details

6. DIY A Crittall-Style Mirror

Don’t discount DIY options, says The Used Kitchen Company Luiz Grossman. “Masking portions of a wall to paint a geometric print or using a stick-on mirror to create a Kritol-style wall can add interest while remaining inexpensive,” she says. Place mirrors behind cabinets to make small kitchen ideas feel twice as large.

6. DIY A Crittall-Style Mirror

7. Rethink Kitchen Furniture

If you can’t live without a dining table in your kitchen—whether it’s dining, working from home or entertaining—you can still do just that with small kitchen designs.

7. Rethink Kitchen Furniture

8. Build A Mini Peninsula

‘Galley kitchens are suited to small spaces,’ says Al Bruce, founder, Olive & Bar. ‘They offer more flexibility especially in terms of storage space, as the layout is made up of two rows of cabinets facing each other to form a galley between them, with corner cupboards in favour of utilizing every millimeter of space. Removes the need.’

8. Build A Mini Peninsula

9. Distract with Pattern

Distract the eye by going bold. A patterned island or surface will focus directly on it, leaving guests unnoticed how small the rest of the space really is. Choose a large repeating pattern instead of a smaller one so that it doesn’t look too busy and cluttered.

9. Distract with Pattern

10. Up the Sense of Space with Your Layout

For small kitchens, I always recommend leaving a gap between the cabinet and the ceiling, as it gives you a clear view of the full dimensions of the room and avoids cluttering up the space.’ Enhance this effect even more by raising the light level. Think about floor-to-ceiling windows and, if possible, skylights.

10. Up the Sense of Space with Your Layout

11. Choose Alternative Storage Solutions

Think outside the box when it comes to how you store kitchen items. For example, think about what you can do with small living room ideas. Slimline stair style shelving units are perfect for reducing how much floor space you’re taking up without compromising on storage levels. Plus, they’re a joy to style!

11. Choose Alternative Storage Solutions

12. Build in Booths

Kitchen booth ideas are always a plus, but they work especially well for small kitchen designs. Connect kitchen peninsulas or cabinets to your banquette or booth so that everything is in one.

12. Build in Booths

13. Combine Open and Closed Shelving

A small space shouldn’t restrict you in terms of colour, but there are important considerations to keep in mind,’ advises Ruth from Benchmarks. ‘It is inevitable that darker units will absorb light. So, it would be better if these are placed at floor level to maximize storage without any oppressors.

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13. Combine Open and Closed Shelving

14. Use Partitions to Separate Tasks

In a small kitchen, especially with small galley kitchen ideas, it can feel like it is impossible to properly zoning the space. ‘Integrating a partition means you can further separate tasks and give designated preparation areas within the room,’ says Graeme Smith, Head of Design, Second Nature Kitchen give advice.

14. Use Partitions to Separate Tasks

15. Think Vertically

Storage is undoubtedly one of the most important considerations in any kitchen, but nothing more than small kitchen ideas. ‘A one-walled kitchen is ideal for those with small space who still want an impressive kitchen,’ says Al of Olive & Barr.

15. Think Vertically

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