Top 10 Interior Designers in Gurgaon

Top 10 Best Interior Designers in Gurgaon

Whether you want a modern or traditional design of home interior, in both cases you will need a local interior firm to build your dream home. There are many factors you can check before you hand over your house. Most importantly see their previous project details anddesign they done for their clients.

If you want to take accurate ideas then visit the one or two sites nearby which are done by the interior firm. This will give deep  insight about their design and quality of work. You can consult these top residential and commercial interior designers in Gurgaon to do the same. They are very reputed design studios in this area and have done many successful projects in housing and corporate buildings.

10 Interior Designers in Gurugram to Hire for your Interior Work

1. Design 8

Design 8 believes in delivering quality products to their respected clients. Their interior design work not focuses on the looks but they also make sure of safety and comfort.

List of Services:

  • Commercial Interior Designing
  • Residential Interior Designing
  • 3D Designer

Location: DLF PH-III, Gurgaon

2. HOC DesignArch

HOC provides all solutions from interior designing to architectural work under one roof. This firm has a strong principle of professionalism, commitment and transparency in communication with the clients. 

List of Services:

  • Commercial Interior Designing
  • Residential Interior Designing
  • Modular Kitchen

Location: Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

3. Star Fox Interiors

This is a reputed firm working in Gurgaon. Since 2012 they have been creating interior spaces for every size which are  comfortable and deeply personal.

List of Services:

  • Interior Design
  • Home Furniture
  • Interior Contractors

Location: M3M Urbana, Sec-67, Gurgaon

4. Neerart Architects

Neerart architects provide PAN India service architectural and design services. Because of their unique design approach they have achieved many benchmarks in many projects.

List of Services:

  • Commercial Interior Designing
  • Residential Interior Designing
  • 3D Designer

Location: Sector-38, Gurgaon

5. Pari Traders

They provide interior and renovation services to residential and commercial projects. Pari Traders are fully committed to their quality work and deliver products on time.

List of Services:

  • Interior Designing Consultancy
  • Modular Kitchen
  • Wardrobe Cupboards Cabinets

Location: Orchid Island, Sector 51, Gurgaon

6. Zion Living

This firm focuses more in  personalizing an interior space. They are fully committed to provide the best services to clients within their budget.

List of Services:

  • Commercial Interior Designing
  • Residential Interior Designing
  • Modular Furniture

Location: Udyog Vihar – Phase 4, Gurgaon

7. Soniarch Design Solutions

The firm always takes care of quality in design work and products. It provides all kinds of interior services from 3D visualization to contractor.

List of Services:

  • Residential Interior Designers
  • Commercial Interior Designers
  • 3D Designer

Location: Sector-43, Gurgaon

8. Kays Design Lab

With the help of their creative team Kays Design Lab has transformed many successful interior spaces. Every time they try to use new design trends which make them always ahead of the market.

List of Services:

  • Residential Interior Design
  • Commercial interior Design
  • 3D Designer

Location: Udyog Vihar, Phase-4, Gurgaon

9. ACad Studio

ACad Studio always focuses on each detail of the client’s personal preference. They have a passionate team to build a perfect dream home.

List of Services:

  • Residential & Commercial Interior Design
  • 3D Designer
  • Project Management Consultants

Location: Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

10. Veritas Architects

Veritas is one of the world’s leading designing firms and has delivered award winning architectural and interior services. They have many successful stories throughout the world

List of Services:

  • Residential Interior Design
  • Commercial interior Design
  • Architect

Location: Tulip Orange, Sec- 56, Gurgaon

This list of 10 best interior designers in Gurgaon was created by doing research from the internet data. Tell us what you think about it in the comment section.

15 Bathroom Color Ideas to give it a Fresh Look

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom then you should seriously consider what colour you will use to paint the wall.  These are bathroom color ideas that are different traditional colours and can make hues impact inside the space.

These paints can also be used in powder rooms as well. It is included with bold and shades of blue, grey and other bright and dark colour. So time has come to change a boring bathroom into a fresh look.

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Best Color for Bedroom Walls for Perfect Selection

When you are deciding to choose a bedroom colour it becomes confusing to pick colour schemes from multiple options. Before talking about quick decisions and regret later, here are the best colors for bedroom walls. 

Either you like bold or light colour you should know which type of color is good for you. Maybe if you want a comfort and soothing bedroom design then cream color can be a great choice. Here you will be guided to make a perfect paint choice, so it can’t irritate your mood or eyes.

15 Bedroom Paint Colours can Make you Fall In Love

1.  Creamy

Cream color creates comfortable and fresh environment in your room. To make more out of this color you can light wood furniture and flooring. 

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20 Coolest Farmhouse Decor Ideas You Will Love

Yes, you are at the spot to explore the crazy and exciting farmhouse decor ideas right now.

And the good news is you didn’t need to be a professional interior designer to implement these tips.

The rustic accent of farmhouse design makes it more popular among modern people.

So that kepping in mind,

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15 Diwali Decoration Ideas for 2020

The most awaited festival of this year, Diwali is knocking our doors. This celebration brings us sweets, gifts, new clothes and fills our home with lights.

To make this festival more memorable we decorate our homes beautifully. That’s why; I am here to share some awesome Diwali decoration ideas, you will love to implement in your home.

Best Diwali Decoration for your Home

1. Fill Jar with Lights

Usually Mason jars are used to keep food items fresh for a long time, now you can use it decorate on Deepavali. Just get few empty jars and fill them up with string lights. Here, you go it ready to hang on right place.

2. String lights on Trees

Bring more lights to your courtyard by winding string lights over the plants. Use good extension code to distribute electricity to all plants easily.

3. Beauty of Marigold flower

This is one of the traditional Diwali decoration followed from centuries. Marigold (Genda flower) has given some special value on celebrations and Pooja. You can also use it to decorate your home entrance door.

4. Paper Cup Lights

Now we are going to do a fun activity, it is very simple. Take some paper cups and make a whole in the middle of the bottom in them and put the string light in every whole from outside to inside.  And now it is ready to rock.

5. Paper Hanging Lanterns Decoration

Paper Lanterns are used on multi-occasions like Christmas, birthdays, marriages, etc. If you never decorated with this then, you should try this time. You can hang these lanterns above your courtyard.

6. Make Eye catching Rongoli

Rongoli making is beautiful art and you people are already familiar with it. Make rangoli which should be eye-catching and colourful, so you can get Diwali vibes.

7. Colourful Candles

Instead of using simple candles, choose colourful and with different shapes. You can use candles to decorate in an art form then usually we do.

8. Decorative Diyas

There are various types of diyas made up of flour, terracotta, brass, etc. Buy or make some decorative diyas, it will definitely going to look much beautiful then the normal.

9. Hang DIY Paper Diya

It’s time show some skills. Take some papers and scissor we are going to make this paper DIY for Diwali wall decoration. Watch the Video.

10. Hang Sequins

Strung up the sequins on threads to make it hang on wall.  It can really look bright and flashy when it reflects with the Diwali decoration light

11. String Lights on Windows

Decorate your windows with string light from outside. It will make your home brighter.

12. Thread Ball Lanterns

Tread ball lanterns is one of the best Diwali decoration ideas for living room. Just buy few pieces from any online store, wrap it with string lights and hang them in your living room.

13.  Wine Bottle Decoration

Don’t through your wine bottles. Clean them, put the string light in each bottle and it is ready. You can decorate your Diwali dining table with these lighting wine bottles.

14. Bangle Wall Decoration

Bangles are used as jewellery among Indians, comes in  various colours and embedded designs. To make a bangle wall hanger, collect them and mix suitable bangles designs, tied it up with ribbon or any thread and it is ready to use.

15. Do more with Diyas & Flowers

Try some art-work with flowers and diya to decorate floor. Combination of diyas and flower can be good piece of art decor.

Which is favorite decoration ideas for this Diwali? Comment below we will going to discuss it.

10 Carpet Cleaning Tricks That You Must Know

let’s face it, spill happens in anyway, despite your best efforts, sooner or later your carpet will end-up with stains.


Carpet cleaning is a little bit tricky for layman!

So, you have to prepare & aware of homemade carpet cleaning tricks before starting by yourself. Otherwise, you end-up with mess of carpet elegance and softness.

Here, you can learn effective carpet cleaning tips to keep your carpet looks new and elegant for years.

Carpet Cleaning Tricks Straight from Industry Experts

1. Clean in criss-cross manner with vacuum cleaner to avoid odours

Use Vacuum Cleaners

2. Shaving foam can give a miraculous result to clean stains

Use Shaving foam

3. Don’t try rubbing to clean stains

Don't try rubbing to clean stains

4. Need to clean regularly, define sections, in case of larger carpet

Clean Carpet Regularly, Section-Wise

5. Try ice cube to remove chewing gum

Ice for Chewing Gum

6. Go with dishwasher products for grease removal

Use Dishwashing Agent

7. To eliminate dripped wax use Iron

Iron the Wax

8. Remove the blood drops by using Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide for Minor Accidents

9. To eliminate strong stains of beer & wine use Club Soda

Miracles of Club Soda

10. Use non-toxic & organic cleaners for Pets mess

Tackle the Oops! Situation from Pets


Modern Wallpaper Ideas

Modern Wallpaper Design Ideas to Transform Your Home

Wallpapers were trending in the late of 90’s, and again it become popular in modern day’s home decoration.

Wallpapers are divide into number of types on the basis of pattern and texture. It can be easily applied in any nook of house such as Bedroom, Living Room, Kids Room, Kitchen and Bathroom.

The most fascinating aspects of wallpaper is, Continue reading “Modern Wallpaper Design Ideas to Transform Your Home”