Modern & Trendy Outdoor, Patio & Landscaping Design Ideas for Remodeling Your Outdoor Space

Do you have some free outdoor landscape space to do experiment with?

A few smart transformations can turn a large space into awesome outdoor patio. Freestanding or built-in wooden artifacts or furniture can be placed to maximize the beauty.

Let’s have a tour thorough some of our amazing outdoor & landscaping design ideas.

1. Concrete Patio with Mobile Furniture Design

concrete patio designs

2. Wooden Covered Patio Design

covered patio designs

3. Deck Over Concrete Patio with Green Lawn Design

deck over concrete patio designs

4. Gorgeous Outdoor Patio with Open Fireplace Design

Gorgeous Outdoor Patio Design Ideas

5. Side-Hot Tub with Vegetation Patio Design 

hot tub patio design ideas

6. Small Side-Pool and Lawn Patio Design

pool and patio designs

7. Patio with Modern Furniture & Vertical Garden Design 

small patio design idea

8.  Simple Small and Open Patio with Freestanding Greenery 

simple patio designs

9. Backyard Downstairs Patio with Small Pool 

Modern Outdoor Patio Design Ideas

10. Covered Patio with Green-wall/Wall-Garden

Outdoor Patio Designs

11. Outdoor Patio with Furniture and Side-Lawn

Ultra Modern Outdoor Patio Design Ideas

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