Amazing Comprehensive Guide to Floor Décor for Different Part of Your House

When it comes to home decor then flooring of different parts of your house holds a great importance. While planning for this, make function and durability a priority. Trends for flooring now a days are focused to be maintainable and durable. You may find variety of beautiful material options & styles available that can make choosing floor an overwhelming experience.

Lets suggest you a guide to help you find the perfect flooring ideas for different parts of your house.

Various Tips to Decor House/Home Floor

1. Bamboo Flooring for Living Room 

Bamboo flooring for your Home

2. Hardwood Flooring for Stairs and Upstairs 

Best Flooring for Home

3. Cork Flooring for Contemporary Bedroom

Cork flooring for contemporary bedroom

4. Cork Flooring for Large Hall 

Cork flooring for Home

5. Hardwood Flooring For Home

Hardwood Flooring For Home

6. Hardwood Flooring For Living Room

Hardwood Flooring For Living Room

7. Laminate Flooring for Contemporary Staircase

Laminate flooring for contemporary staircase

8. Laminate Flooring for Traditional Dining Room

Laminate flooring for traditional dining room

9. Stone Flooring for Contemporary Kitchen

Stone Flooring for contemporary kitchen

10. Laminate Flooring for Traditional Spaces

Laminate flooring for traditional spaces

11. Vinyl Flooring for Contemporary Kitchen

Vinyl flooring for contemporary kitchen

12. Wonderful Pallet Wood Flooring


image courtesy:  “impressiveinteriordesign”

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