Find Contemporary Wardrobe Design Ideas to Redefine the Destination for Your Clothes

A specific space dedicated to separate dressing room may be a luxury for you, but even if you don’t have space for a big wardrobe in a small bedroom, there are so many variations out there these days that you’re no longer confined to a wooden box piece of furniture with a hanging rail inside it.

Our unique collection of some modern alterations will provide you an amazing range of options to choose from, for perfect clothes storage solution in house.


1. Cyme Straight Wardrobe Design

Cyme Straight Wardrobe Design

2. Devon Straight Wardrobe Design

Devon Straight Wardrobe Design

3. Fresno Straight Wardrobe Design

Fresno Straight Wardrobe designs

4. Glia Straight Wardrobe Design

Glia Straight Wardrobe designs

5. Sleek Modern Wardrobe Design

modern wardrobe designs

6. Modern Wooden Wardrobe Design

Modern wooden Wardrobe designs

7. Navarre Straight Wardrobe Design

Navarre Straight Wardrobe designs

8. Polymer Finish Wardrobe Design

polymer finesh wardrobe designs

9. Straight Avellano Wardrobe Design

Straight Avellano Wardrobe Designs

10. Open and Straight Wardrobe Design

straight wardrobe design idead

11. Going Straight in White Color is Elegant Design!

straight wardrobe design

12. Floor to Ceiling Closet Wardrobe Design

straight wardrobe designs

13. Tenerife Straight Wardrobe Design

Tenerife Straight Wardrobe designs

14. Di-chromatic Wardrobe with Bookshelf Design

wardrobe designs

image courtesy:  “homelane”

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