Ways to Decorate Living Room in 2019

The living room is the center of attraction in any home. The first impression is the last impression what we say and living room prints the impression of your home in the mind of guests who visit your place. These living room decorating ideas will give a classy touch to your drawing room.

Popular Living Room Decorating Ideas to Make them Spacious:

1. Pattern Designs

Different types of wallpapers with pattern designs make your hall more beautiful. There are different colors available in stylishly patterned wallpapers. You can choose stripes, circles or plain lines for the living room wallpapers.

2. Colorful Bricks Look Awesome

One of the best living room makeover ideas is to paint the brick fireplace with bright colors such as red, brown or orange. These colors will make your living room livelier and attract the ones who visit your place. And the boring brick fireplace will turn into something very nice.

3. Choose Stylish Chairs and Sofas

The living room is the place where we have lunch and talks with our family members. It is one of the best ideas to choose the sofas and chairs which look modern and stylish in your living room. Apart from that, they should also be comfortable enough for you and others as well.

4. Let the Shelves Cover the Walls

The plain walls in the living room give a boredom and dull look. It is better to create various shelves which can cover the walls and look elegant too. Even the ones who do not love books will henceforth love reading different books with this living room style.

5. Go for Bohemian Style

Bohemian is one of the best types of living room layout which will change the whole look of the room. The living room will shine more with vintage styled furniture and rugs all over. You can pick the 19th-century chair to give a more classic touch to your living room.

6. West Coast Living Room Design

West Coast is one of the most popular types of living room design which you can select for your home. It is a combination of old and new themes. You can choose wooden furniture and timber structures for your living room.

7. Artwork on Walls

Living room walls can be made all the more elegant by putting artworks of different colors and designs. Choose still paintings or oil paintings to make those bare walls look cool.

8. Turn the Living Room into A Beach

Dip yourself into the Mediterranean styled living room having vibrant colored walls. While choosing furniture for Mediterranean style, you can pick brown or other dark colors to give a classy living room appearance. Add some nature in the room with artificial flowers.

9. Try Brass

Make your living room a little shiny with brass sconces and tables. They bring richness to the living room and are one of the best living room decor ideas.

10. Scandinavian Style

The Scandinavian styled interior is also chosen by many people for their homes. It includes simple furniture and light colored walls which allow the natural light to pass in the homes.

11. Open Space

You can go for an open space by having windowed doors. These doors cover the area similar to the wall and give enough light in the room and you will enjoy the scenic views from the living room.

12. Paint the Walls

Rather than ready-made wallpapers, you can bring some creativity to your living room walls. Painting some patterns or designs is one of the best living room inspirations.

13. Simple Shelves Around TV

If you want to beautify the empty space beside television, you can make some simple shelves and put antiques to finish the whole living room look. It looks pleasing to the ones who visit your house.

14. Give Industrial Look to the Living Room

For those who are freelancers can try industrial look for their living rooms. They give the touch of office in your drawing room and look stylish too. Make a metal railing or ducts.

15. Bright Colored Furniture and Seating

While choosing a sofa set for living room, it is also better to take dark colors such as blue, grey or dark brown. They will look more fascinating and remove the dullness from the room.

16. Cottage Theme

Who does not like to stay in a small cottage with wooden floorings and walls? Cottage style is one of the most popular types of living room designs which will give exoticness in your home. Put wooden furniture and handmade articles all around the place.

17. Contrast Ideas

It is not necessary that sofa sets and chairs have to match one another. You can pick a whole different color of chairs from sofas and bring some contrast touch in the room. And believe it, they will look simply great.

18. Huge Pendant

Pendants are a good source of light in the living room. For your large room, pick any colored pendant to decor.

19. Create A Gallery on the Walls

Try some basic paintings or nature paintings to enhance those empty walls of the living room. The paintings are one of the most popular ways to decorate living room.

20. Velvet Couch

If you have yet thought about velvet sofa sets, you should think now. They warm up space and give your living room a shiny touch. The velvet also gives comfort to the family members and guests.


These are the most popular ways to decorate living room which are perfect for any drawing room to make it spacious. From nature to contemporary look, these decorating ideas create a calm and peaceful atmosphere for you when you return home from work.

You can try these living room decor ideas for this year.

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