20+ DIY Hacks Will Make Your Vertical Garden Look Amazing

Are you planning to place planters in your house? Are you greenery lover? Do you want to feel outdoor inside indoor?


Vertical garden is a great option than horizontal garden. Because it can be easily setup in small space too.

A home have many areas where you can build a stunning vertical gardens such as Kitchen, Bathroom, Hallway, Patio, Porch, Living Room, Bedroom, Under the Stairs, Terrace, In Front of Doors, Stairs, Kids Room, Balcony, Front Yard and Back Yard, etc.

Unique Ways to Construct Stunning Vertical Garden

Try Cedar Planks As A Little Garden

Cedar Planks

Place Old Drawers

Drawers vertical garden

Staple Fabrics


Create Hanging Garden to Hang Planters

Hanging Garden

Iron Rod Vertical Garden

Iron Rod Vertical Garden

Go With Wall Mounted Frame

Iron Rod

Metal Frames – Use In-build Pots

Metal Frames

Try Pipes as A Planters

Metal Pipes

Place The Used Ladder

Place the Ladder

Use Plastic Sheets at The Wall to Make It Waterproof

Put Plastic Sheets

Use PVC Pipes to Grow Vegetables

PVC Pipes

Shelves Vertical Gardening

Shelves vertical garden

Place Mason Jars – A Best to Way to Create Indoor Vertical Garden

Take Mason Jars

Prefer Terracotta Pots for Planting

Terracotta Pots

Don’t Be Afraid to Setup A Trellis Work

Trellis Work

Reuse Old Stuff

Use Old Stuff

Netting Plain Chicken Wire

Use Plain Chicken Wire in Vertical Garden

Wooden Frames – A Creative Creation for Wall Mounted Garden

Vertical Garden Ideas

Prepare Simple Wall Planter

Wall Planter

Use Wooden Pallets at The Front Door Wall

Wood Pallets

Create Wood Pyramid to Grow Vegetables

Wood Pyramid

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