Modern Wallpaper Design Ideas to Transform Your Home

Wallpapers were trending in the late of 90’s, and again it become popular in modern day’s home decoration.

Wallpapers are divide into number of types on the basis of pattern and texture. It can be easily applied in any nook of house such as Bedroom, Living Room, Kids Room, Kitchen and Bathroom.

The most fascinating aspects of wallpaper is, it can be easily pulled Off and On.

Don’t need to nervous, if you are planning to use wallpaper in your house. Here, our experts are mentioned some trendy wallpapers that can easily help you to remodel your house walls.

Bold & Creative Wallpaper Designs

Accent Wallpaper – It can be applied to the entire space or used in bit portions such as bed head boards.

Unusual Accents Wallpaper

3D Wallpapers – Easily create a fictional place

3D Texture Wallpaper

Lush Nature Wallpaper – Featuring natural & green hues that have graphic and contemporary designs present striking hap-tic effects

Lush Nature Wallpaper

Sheen Metallic Wallpaper – Reflect modernity in any space

Sheen Metallic Wallpaper

Sham Poster Wallpaper – Digitally printed customized poster wallpapers

Sham Poster Wallpaper

Lofty Marble Wallpaper – Most suitable for bathrooms, especially in the blue and aqua tones

lofty marble wallpaper

Live Interactive Wallpaper – Like super sized editions of mobile touch screens

Live Interactive Wallpaper

Imprint Fauna Wallpapers – Add a playful touch to home decor

Imprint Fauna wallpapers

Fine Art Wallpaper – Creating old world art like modish lifestyle

Fine Art wallpaper

Edgy Leather Wallpaper – A photographic paper that provides look of leather

edgy leather wallpaper

Detailed Geometric Wallpaper – Blend sophistication, pattern and a splendid visual appeal together

Detailed Geometric Wallpaper

Bold Floral Wallpaper – Floral prints bestow a welcoming & classic appeal to any space

Bold Floral Wallpaper

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