10 Most Famous Terrace Garden Decoration Ideas

It’s doesn’t matter you are an environmentalist or not, but if you love to surround by nature than you at right place.

We all know in the city life, it’s hard to find a place which can give us feel of natural environment and fresh air.

This issue is going to solve today.

So, I am considering you have a house with a terrace. Because that is the place where we will show you our magic.

Finally, Here I am sharing tips to decorate a terrace garden. After reading this, you get some of how to create a rooftop garden. So let’s start,

Here are the Best Rooftop Garden Design Ideas:

1. A Nice Floor is an Important Factor

If  your rooftop floor is not designed yet, then it will be better to use wood materials to craete the floor. 

1 - Copy

2. Use Flower Beds to Enhance the Beauty of Terrace Garden

By adding flower beds in the terrace garded, it will increase the beauty of flowers and floor.

2 - Copy

3. Don’t forget to Utilize Vertical Space

If you have less space, Utilize any wall at rooptop to arrang plants and flowers. 

3 - Copy

4. Grow Tall Plants and Trees

Don’t hesitate to add tall plants and tree in your terrace garden.

4 - Copy

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5. Be Creative, Add a Focal point

Use your creativity and try to make a focal point.

5 - Copy

6. Light Up your Rooftop Garden

Use lights to make your garden bright, even in the night.

6 - Copy

7. Add Plants of different Type, Size and Colors

Don’t hesitate to try different colours and plant types, eventually it will help you to decide which plants are best for your garden.

7 - Copy

8. Make a Dashing Place to Enjoy the Beauty of Nature

If  you leave this you garden is useless. Add setting space to enjoy sunshine and to see the beauty of  your hard work. 

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8 - Copy

9. Have some Open Space

Don’t cover all sides with tall plants, leave some open space so you enjoy sunlight and  fresh air.

9 - Copy

10. Keep Railing High to avoid Passerby

This is very important, Keep your little bit higher to avoid passerby.

10 - Copy

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