15 Bathroom Color Ideas to give it a Fresh Look

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom then you should seriously consider what colour you will use to paint the wall.  These are bathroom color ideas that are different traditional colours and can make hues impact inside the space.

These paints can also be used in powder rooms as well. It is included with bold and shades of blue, grey and other bright and dark colour. So time has come to change a boring bathroom into a fresh look.

15 Inspirational Bathroom paint colours Haven’t Thought of

1. Navy Blue

If you are looking for something darker than navy is the best bathroom color to choose. This bold colour brings drama inside the room.  You can consult interior designers in Secunderabad to help you out in choosing a perfect colour for your bathroom.

2. Mustard Yellow Shade

This shade of yellow colour can work really well with a wooden accent bathroom. It creates a calm environment inside the bathroom.

3. Cerulean Blue

This watery colour provides a beach side vibe inside a bathroom.  If you want to feel fresh then this bathroom paint can be the right choice.

4. Charcoal Paint

Let’s give the bathroom dose of graphite shade. Charcoal can work really with silver and golden colour bathroom decor pieces.

5. Turquoise paint Color

If you are looking for different bathroom paint ideas then others, turquoise is the right one to go for. Add wooden accent décor pieces to make the bathroom look adventurous.

6. Orange

Orange paint has the power to create a vibrant feeling inside a bathroom. So get warm and fill your space with energy with this color.

7. Chalky White

White paint colour is a normal thing to have in an interior. Here get introduced to chalky white paint, it will add little rustiness inside your bathroom.

8. Warm Gray

 If you are confused about bathroom wall paint, go with warm gray color. Its neutral tone keeps the interior simple, you can decorate with colourful pieces. 

9. Light Green Colour

This colour creates a fresh feeling inside the bathroom. This color is also close to nature, you can use white paint combo to make it more elegant.

10. Brown

If you are a brown colour lover then this time go bold with earthy tone in a bathroom design. The combination of brown with white can work really well.

11. Arctic Shade

The Arctic is a shade of blue color, it creates a relaxing feel inside a bathroom. You can also use arctic blue to make the bathroom soft. 

12. Pale Gray

A pale shade of gray paint keeps this neutral and calm. It is one of best bathroom wall colours, against the brightness of white paint.

13. Creamy Yellow

The cream shade of yellow colour can be a good option for a bathroom. It is not bright as yellow that will not disturb your eyes and add some bathroom plants to make the room more appealing.

14. Kelly Green

Make your bathroom modern and green with this color. It gives the bathroom a clean and sharp look. 

15. Darker Navy Blue

Make your bathroom bolder with dark navy color. It make the more elegant by adding some bright color decor pieces.

These are some bathroom wall colors that are gaining popularity among modern homeowners. Comment below which you like? 

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