Living Room Wall Decor Ideas – 15 Easy Ways to Add Style

It’s time to discover some interesting ways to decorate the most important room in your home. Living rooms are not only a place to entertain, but they are also a room to showcase your unique decorating style. A lot of thought should be put into making your living room a space where people can enjoy and feel a sense of peace. Wall decor is a big part of what’s needed to create that homey, cozy feel.

When it comes to living room wall decorations, there are endless possibilities. You can choose to go with a simple look, or you can add some eclectic touches to make your space stand out. One of the easiest ways to make your walls look beautiful in no time is by installing displays on your walls. They are available in a wide range of designs from minimalistic posters to abstract posters.

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15 Stunning Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

1. Shelves with Gallery Wall of Decor Items

Shelving is a great way to decorate the walls of your living room. In the example above, the curator opted for shelf space with different pieces, from flowerpots to vases, that all mixed in the same colour scheme.

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2. Draped Wall Panels with Lights

LED light walls are a unique way to make living room walls look unique. We’re a fan of these draped walls with panels and lights in between panels. They also look sophisticated and elegant.

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3. Wall Mirrors of Varying Sizes with Modern Design

Mirrors are always a fun way to make walls look good. These wall-hanging draped mirrors are a great idea when you’re trying to make your living room feel eclectic and fresh. If you need any professionals to renovate your home, hire Low Budget Interior Designers in Gurgaon by clicking the link. They have years of experience with great designing skills.

4. Unique Eclectic Space Lighting

Here’s an interesting idea for wall lighting that also doubles as an artistic decor element. You can certainly find other molds of different sizes depending on what you’re looking for, in this example they’ve got straight horizontal beams with a circle, adding a touch of mystery and elegance.

5. Lighting with Bright Colours

Light and more lighting, we can’t get enough of these golden light fixtures. They are classy and unique which is always a plus when considering wall decorations.

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6. Modern Gallery Walls Art

We are obsessed with this diamond shaped reflective golden wall hangings. They blend well into the minimalist sleeping aesthetic of the room and look great on living room walls above sofas to add a touch of beauty to bare walls.

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7. Hang Picture Frames with Memories

We think picture frames are always a great idea and a must have for any family home. These three monochrome prints look stunning in the living room upstairs. You can opt for pictures for some to display some of your favourite holiday memories.

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8. Solid Wood & Metal Mosaics

Here’s a cool mosaic of funny messages that could look great on your living room wall. Funny subtle reminders to make family laugh and show love in your home. They are a great way to set the mood for a relaxing evening in the living room.

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9. Geometric Interior Design Wall Décor

Another underrated idea is using geometric patterns to create an accent wall in your living room, this is a fun way to play with symmetry to create a background or focal point with pictures on your walls.

10. Minimal Blank Wall Wooden Panels

Here’s some fun! These wood panel canvases are a fun way to decorate your living room walls in a cool way. They are minimal and can also make for a fun project for DIY enthusiasts. Or alternatively, you can find them online. 😉

11. Inspiration Wall with Sentimental Materials & Drawings

The best thing about wall cabinets is that they provide ample space to display some cool canvases along with great art. Simple poetic messages and abstract images can look great in matching paintings or posters on your wall shelf space.

12. Mounted Hive Shelves with Plants

The best thing about wall cabinets is that they provide ample space to display some cool canvases along with great art. Simple poetic messages and abstract images can look great in matching paintings or posters on your wall shelf space.

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13. Assorted Frame Décor

We love classic frames of vintage pictures and elegant pictures. Having a picture wall is an age-old idea that we totally love and can never get enough of. The great thing about picture frames on your walls is that they can be customized for any specific aesthetic.

14. Unique Boho Wall Shelves

Here’s a fun bohemian style with little trinkets, crystals, and a diffuser. A fun way to add a touch of personality to your living room with small sculptures and other decorative items that would otherwise be taking up space on other surfaces. With enough wall space, you can take advantage of different parts of your living room to let your fun decorating ideas run wild.

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15. Cohesive Assorted Ideas

In this modern living room, we can see several interesting ideas working together on the same wall space. From framed prints to surfaces that expand shelf space above a television. Don’t be afraid to go all out boldly on your living room wall decor, too many ideas can sometimes work perfectly at the same time.


Do you like some of the ideas we’ve included in this list? If you do, why not channel your inner interior designer, and start implementing some of them. Have fun decorating your living room walls!

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