15 Budget-Friendly Home Renovation Ideas for Every Room in Your House

Whether you are looking to sell your home or simply want to improve it for your living, most homes can benefit from a home renovation. That’s not to say that large-scale remodels are required – not at all!

We all know that repairs are expensive and time consuming, but most people don’t realize how much work it takes to clean up after the job is done. Cleaning your home doesn’t have to be a daunting, time-consuming, chore. The key to managing household duties quickly and efficiently is to design an easy-to-follow routine that includes all the most important tasks. Follow these step-by-step instructions for creating a customized whole-home cleaning up after renovation.

Depending on the condition and circumstances of your home, you can certainly be involved in home renovation as extensively as you want. But even small, strategic changes or fast DIY projects can make a huge difference in the value (real and perceived) of your space.

15 Budget-Friendly Home Renovation Ideas for Every Room in Your House

Best Home Renovation Ideas to Steal for Yourself

1. New Countertops

Cabinets plus countertops plus fixtures can equate to a five-digit kitchen renovation. But if your cabinets are in good shape, you can add in new countertops and upgrade to one of the hardest-working surfaces in your home. The smaller square footage you must cover, the lower your cost, which means you may be able to buy more expensive materials. An idea to save even more: Ask your local stone and tile company for seconds or remnants. You can take, help Best Interior Designer in Lucknow so they can guide you through this process.

New Countertops

2. Change the Backsplash

Add a punch of pattern by swapping out a tired backsplash for one that refreshes your kitchen and adds visual interest. With options for tile, stone, glass, ceramic and beaded board, there are plenty of opportunities to find the right material for your budget. Another frugal option is to install a backsplash only where it offers the most protection, such as behind a border or near a sink.

Add a Faux Island

3. Add a Faux Island

A stand-alone table or cabinet can be a cost-friendly feature for an island-free kitchen. Simply add rolling casters so you can move the piece as desired. The more extras you add (for example, a cabinet with drawers) the more it will cost, so if your goal is a very low budget, start with a simple table. That is, unless you already have a piece of unused furniture, you are ready to convert it into an island.

Add a Faux Island

4. Upgrade Cabinets or Cabinet Doors

Paint, wallpaper, peel-and-stick wood products: All are great options for giving a new face to old cabinetry. Corbels can be attached under cabinetry or under floating shelves for a classic, built-in look. Removing the doors on some upper cabinets gives you easily accessible open storage without having to add new shelving. Look for ways to refresh your home that not only fit your budget but also how you use the space daily.

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Upgrade Cabinets or Cabinet Doors

5. Update Flooring

Many peel-and-stick flooring options are thin enough that you don’t even have to remove existing flooring to give your room a budget-friendly upgrade. Even if the floor must be taken off because you can’t stand it anymore, a new floor can be a long-lasting project, which is not very expensive. Plus, there are plenty of DIY options to help you save on labour.

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Update Flooring

6. Change Window Treatments

A new fabric, new shades, or a combination of both can give the living room a beautiful facelift. A lot of do-it-yourself options can go a long way in hiding old windows (which would be a pricey renovation project). To save a little extra money, aim to reuse existing curtain rods and rings.

Change Window Treatments

7. Install Dimmers

If your home lacks overhead lighting, you may have difficulty getting the right balance of lighting. This is even more true in older homes where fewer outlets are available for floor and side lamps. In these instances, installing a dimmer switch may be your quick and easy solution: Keep it bright when completing tasks, but turn it off for soft ambient lighting that’s comfortable for lounging.

Install Dimmers

8. Add a Medicine Cabinet

You can add both style and storage to your bathroom with one simple, budget-smart change: a new medicine cabinet. Transform a plain wall-mount mirror for storage and a new look. If you’re feeling crafty, add a cork board or chalkboard to the inside of the door for daily reminders and affirmations.

Add a Medicine Cabinet

9. Wallpaper an Accent Wall

Wallpaper is made easy to tackle even for the beginning DIYer, which makes it a great project for home renovations on a budget. You can add pattern and colour to a picture with designer wallpaper and limiting it to one stand-out wall (and keeping the budget low) is totally fine.

But if you’re not ready to tackle proper wallpapering just yet, try the temporary, peel-and-stick kind. You can easily remove it if you change your decorating style, so you don’t have to worry about giving the current design trend a shot.

Wallpaper an Accent Wall

10. Add Storage

If you lack built-in storage, adding a purchased cabinet or open shelves can make all the difference. Look for off-the-shelf storage options in a variety of styles, including tiered carts, leaning ladders, and apothecary cabinetry, all aimed at maximizing vertical space. They are a beautiful and practical storage option, and you can use them to display baskets or other decorative accents.

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Add Storage

11. Swap Out Hardware

Bathroom cabinetry can be woken up to modern times with new hardware. Choose different styles from the same family (e.g., long pulls for drawers and short knobs for doors) or mix and match different finishes for a more eclectic look. Look to add a backplate if your current knobs lend themselves to a shapelier flair.

Swap Out Hardware

12. Safety Updates

Toilet paper holders and towel bars are usually nothing special to look at, but these two overlooked accessories stand a chance for you to make your bath a little bit safer. Several companies now make ADA-compliant toilet paper holders, towel bars and other accessories that can be safely used as grab bars. Whether you’re thinking about yourself or someone else in the future, it’s a worthwhile investment at any time.

Safety Updates

13. Add Interest to Walls or Ceilings

Even if you don’t have a stockpile of electrical appliances, you can easily add wainscoting or trim to dull bedroom walls or ceilings. You can also get the illusion of wainscoting by applying trim or wood to an area of ​​the wall as an outline, then use paint to tie the wall and trim together to mimic the real deal. It looks high-end without any cost. Choose pre-finished millwork to cut labor time or finish it yourself to save even more on your renovation budget.

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Add Interest to Walls or Ceilings

14. Add a Headboard

A guaranteed way to update your bedroom is to add a headboard, whether it’s small and plush or large and dramatic. Bought new, they can be quite expensive, but there are many ways to maximize your style and budget with a DIY headboard.

Add a Headboard

15. Inset Display Shelves

Kids’ bedrooms present an ever-evolving home renovation puzzle: They quickly move from toys and books to collectibles and beyond and figuring out where to store all those items can be tricky. A simple home renovation changes that’s easy on the budget is the addition of narrow, wall-to-wall cabinets. They are inexpensive and do not require a huge footprint to fit a variety of bedroom sizes.

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Inset Display Shelves

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