Last Minute Decoration Ideas for New Year’s Eve

Only a few weeks are left before we welcome the new year 2023 and bid goodbye to 2022. It is that time of the year when we start preparing for Christmas Decoration and write down our list of New Year resolutions that we prepare but we never manage to stick to!

If you’re planning a small get-together, we’ve got all the great New Year’s decor ideas you can try for the evening. These New Year’s decor ideas include some basic DIYs, and some tried and tested ways to welcome the New Year 2023 in style.

New Year’s Eve is the perfect excuse to get your creative juices flowing. Your celebration feels complete with the right decorations, and makes your party truly stand out from the rest. You don’t even need to spend a lot of cash; With a few basic supplies, you can make most Christmas decorations at home, or consider reusing some old ones.

Last Minute Decoration Ideas for New Year's Eve

30 Best New Year’s Eve Party Decorations to Ring in 2023

1. Send a digital New Year’s Eve party invitation

The holiday season can be a busy time, so you’ll want to send out your New Year’s Eve party invitations well in advance (at least 3 weeks). While you could go old school with paper invitations, the details could get lost in a pile of holiday cards. We recommend sending digital invitations from a site like Evite instead.

Send a digital New Year’s Eve party invitation

2. Book A New Year’s Party Venue

Last year the party’s options were quite limited. In 2023, you may be excited to go out instead of staying at home. If you have many guests, consider booking a venue to host your celebration. A private party room, theater space, loft or banquet hall will help you make this year’s event memorable and safe and save you the after-party clean-up. If you want to renovate, you’re floor this New Year, you hire the Low Budget Interior Designers Near You. Click the link to visit the website.

Book A New Year's Party Venue

3. New Year’s Eve Party Themes

While New Years is a theme, choosing a theme can help get everyone in the mood for the party and add an element of interest. Use it to inspire your decor, food, and dress code. Here are some of our favourite New Year’s Eve party themes:

New Year’s Eve Party Themes

4. New Year’s Eve Dress Code

Whether you have a theme or not, establish a dress code for the evening. New Year’s Eve is a great excuse to wear sparkly frocks and dress shirts. Be sure to include details on your invitation so everyone can attend.

New Year's Eve Dress Code

5. Book A Party Bus

An important part of hosting a New Year’s Eve party is transportation for your party. Making sure you have non-alcoholic beverages for the designated drivers in attendance is a start, but for those relying on Uber or taxis, getting home on the busiest night of the year can be difficult. Hire a party bus or limo service to drop guests off at their homes or public transportation stations so everyone gets home on time and safely.

Book A Party Bus

6. New Year’s Eve Music

Depending on your theme and the scale of your event, the choice of music will set the tone for the evening—consider hiring a dance band, jazz ensemble, acoustic duo, or tribute act. A music professional will be able to read the crowd and MC to help make your evening a huge success.

New Year’s Eve Music

7. Festival New Year’s Party Vibes

Keep the energy high with a line-up of live performances. Talented musicians and a variety of acts will wow the crowd and generate excitement throughout the evening. Here are some of our favourite entertainers for your New Year’s Eve party.

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Festival New Year's Party Vibes

8. Shiny New Year’s Party Decorations

Gold, silver, black and white are the traditional colours for New Year’s Eve party decorations, but don’t limit yourself to this – feel free to introduce more colourful colours into your decorations. Regardless of the colour scheme, make it glamorous and shiny with metallic and glittery finishes and don’t be afraid to go OTT.

Shiny New Year's Party Decorations

9. Display A Big Clock

Keep the countdown in mind by featuring a clock as part of your decor. Display it over your bar area or go big with this oversized display on the feature wall.

Display A Big Clock

10. Set Up a Photobooth

Creating an Instagram-worthy backdrop can add an exciting decor element to your event and allow your guests to take some great photos. You can DIY it or take a more professional approach and hire an event photographer and set up a state-of-the-art photobooth to fully document the event.

Encourage your guests to share their photos with a party hashtag or upload them to the Await Wall for all your guests to enjoy the next day.

Set Up a Photobooth

11. Hang A Disco Ball

Nothing screams disco like a ball. Even though dancing is not the focus of the evening, the twirls light up the room for an evening of celebration.

Hang A Disco Ball

12. Distribute New Year’s Party Gear

Take your guests’ outfits up a notch with some party gear. It’s fun to decorate the crowd with some beads, tiaras, hats, neon necklaces, etc.

Distribute New Year's Party Gear

13. Craft Station

This is a great New Year’s Eve activity if your kids are attending, but adults will enjoy it too! Buy some plain party hats and decorate them with feathers, beads, glitter, and confetti so everyone has a one-of-a-kind hat.

Craft Station

14. Glitter Bar

Take this idea a step further and hire a makeup artist to add a little sparkle to the evening. Even if not every guest wants to sit in a chair for a dazzling makeover, watching the professional work is entertainment.

Glitter Bar

15. Make A Time Capsule

Another family-friendly idea is to invite your guests to put items in a time capsule. Use an old trunk or decorative box to hold photos, objects, news clippings, digital files and store some party gear, decorations, and photos from the evening. Save it for opening it at future New Year’s Eve parties in decades to come — 2030, 2040, etc. — you won’t regret starting this tradition.

Make A Time Capsule

16. Who Am I? Game

Mix and match your guests! The premise of this party game is to put the name of a famous person on each guest’s forehead – actor, musician, politician, sports personality, historical figure, etc. The guests go around the room for about 15 minutes asking one or two questions (with “yes” or “no” answers) to the other guests until they guess the name.

To set it up, grab some post-it notes and have each guest choose a famous person to put on someone’s forehead. Alternatively, the host can come up with all the labels ahead of time.

Who Am I? Game

17. Caricatures

Hire a caricaturist to draw each of your guests (many artists these days offer a digital file). Mount or project the pictures on the wall to give everyone a good laugh. Gift them to each guest at the end of the evening as a memorable party favour.


18. Share 2022 Highlights

For a smaller crowd, we love the idea of ​​asking each guest to share a highlight from the past year. As the saying goes, sharing is caring and hence being a little sentimental at the end of 2022 will make your event more emotional and meaningful.

Share 2022 Highlights

19. Make New Year’s Resolutions

Set up an area where guests can make a New Year’s resolution and place it in a jar or box. This can be a great ice breaker that leads to a deeper conversation as people share a personal goal for 2023.

Make New Year’s Resolutions

20. Fancy Cocktails

You can certainly make your party BYOB and call it a day, but we like the idea of ​​offering a signature cocktail or two on New Year’s Eve. You can hire a bartender or mobile bar if you want to make cocktails the focus for the evening or prepare batch drinks for a self-service bar. Make your drinks extra special with patterned straws, fun cocktail sticks, and fancy garnishes.

Fancy Cocktails

21. Bubbly Bar

Sparkling wine and New Year’s Eve go well together, so set up the home bar with a large bin filled with bottles of bubbly and ice. Many guests often bring a bottle of champagne or prosecco to a New Year’s Eve party and so you can invite them to add it to the bar.

Bubbly Bar

22. Midnight NYE Toast

While some guests may enjoy sipping champagne all evening long, we think a collective midnight toast is a great way to welcome the new year. Serve each of your guests a glass of bubbly (include a non-alcoholic offering) just before midnight so you can all raise a glass together.

Midnight NYE Toast

23. Champagne Tower

Make that shared toast even more spectacular with a Champagne tower. It can be a little tricky to accomplish, but with the help of some champagne glass rentals and a professional caterer or bartender, it can be an Instagram-worthy moment of the evening.

Champagne Tower

24. New Year’s Eve Party Food Stations

Unless you’re hosting a sit-down dinner party, food stations work well for a New Year’s Eve party at home or on location. Whether you place food in different areas of the event space or serve it on one table, dividing it into zones is an interesting way to go.

An oyster bar, a platter of hors d’oeuvres, charcuterie boards, vegetables with dips, cheese fondue and bowls of snacks will ensure that you have something for every palate and craving. Don’t forget to mark the vegetarian options with some signs.

New Year's Eve Party Food Stations

25. New Year’s Eve Dinner Party

Speaking of dinner parties, we love the idea of ​​a multi-course potluck, if you decide to go this route. Instead of serving a buffet of contributions, assign dishes with wine pairings to each course. That way, dinner becomes the focus of the evening, and you can enjoy each course over several hours, with time to digest before the big countdown.

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26. Late-Night Snacks

If you expect your party to start late, plan to serve some late-night snacks. At this point in the evening, you can keep it casual and serve pizza, sliders, samosas, fries, or noodles. Refilling a charcuterie board may also come in handy.

Late-Night Snacks

27. NYE Party Dessert Ideas

After days of holiday enjoyment, your guests may need another sugar fix to fuel their dance moves. Now is your chance to serve up all the leftover Christmas cookies, chocolates, and squares. However, we love the idea of ​​complementing these with an eye-catching display of sweets like candy jars, caramel popcorn bars or a donut wall.

NYE Party Dessert Ideas

28. Dance-off

The only thing we love more than a dance party on New Year’s Eve is a dance-off. Invite your friends to groove your stuff to the top song of 2021 or give a lip-sync performance based on a popular music video. Staging this performance just before midnight is a great way to unite the crowd and get them pumped.


29. Livestream the Countdown

Now let’s turn our attention to the highlight of the evening – midnight! At this time in the evening, it can be fun to feel connected to the outside world and so livestream the countdown to Times Square or another public celebration in your time zone. If you’re planning to have a virtual component to your party, this might be a good time to invite friends over to join in the festivities via Zoom.

Livestream the Countdown

30. New Year’s Eve Fireworks and Sparklers

Light up the night with firecrackers or sparklers at midnight. With a glass of champagne, it’s a great way to start 2023.

New Year's Eve Fireworks and Sparklers


Looking at these tips in mind, you will never be short of ideas for New Year’s Eve decorations 2023. It’ll be finished inexpensively, and you can turn your space into a party space in no time.

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