50 Decorating Ideas For the Most Festive Christmas Ever

Twinkling string lights, lush greenery, twinkling ornaments and colourful Christmas bows are essential for turning your home into a winter wonderland.

For most of us, the joy of the Christmas season begins long before December 25—we believe it starts as soon as you start decorating. The holiday season isn’t in full swing until the Christmas tree is taken out, stockings are hung and red and green are flowing through the house.

We also understand that holiday decorating can start to feel old year after year, especially if you’re trying to reuse last year’s decorations. To spark your creativity, we have gathered magical Christmas decoration ideas that you can easily make at home.

As you browse this list of elegant ideas, you’ll find all the inspiration you need to add cheer to every corner of your home – both indoors and outdoors. Just to name a few: There are great ideas for decorating your staircase, setting a gorgeous tablescape, and decorating a Christmas mantel.

If you’re into Christmas crafts, you might even be inspired to make your own wreath, experiment with homemade ornaments, or try your hand at a DIY advent calendar. Whether you’re looking for an easy idea or a full-on merry makeover, these DIY ideas are bound to ignite holiday cheer for you and your family.

Amazing Christmas Decoration Ideas for an Elegant Holiday Home

1. DIY Trash-to-Treasure Pears

Reuse an old lightbulb by hot gluing twine (we used sage green and religious gold) around the whole thing. Use a small piece of twig as the stem, then fold a piece of gold paper in half and cut out a crescent shape to make the crank. When you have it, you’ll have a beautiful decoration for a mantel or memorable living room table. If you want to renovate, you’re indoor and outdoor this Christmas, you hire the top interior designers in Delhi. Click the link to visit the website.

DIY Trash-to-Treasure Pears

2. Use Popsicle Sticks to Make a Wreath

Start with a round foam wreath (we suggest 12″ at a time). Before you start layering and hot glueing this adorable creation together, add about 50 small and Paint 20 to 30 large popsicle sticks. Finish it off with a pretty. Red tie.

Use Popsicle Sticks to Make a Wreath

3. Craft 3D Felt Ornaments

For this project, you’ll need about two sheets of felt per ornament—the more the better. Once you’re done tracing, folding, gluing, and cutting, you can add decorative wire or cord for hanging.

Craft 3D Felt Ornaments

4. Create Christmas Tree Place Settings

Spruce up your tablescape with origami-inspired napkins. Start by folding a standard 20″ green napkin into a Christmas tree shape, then decorate your creation with mini ball ornaments.

Create Christmas Tree Place Settings

5. Gild a Candle Holder

Adding gold leaf to glass like these cylindrical candle holders is surprisingly simple—just make sure you’re starting with a clean surface. Use a craft brush to lightly cover the surface with adhesive, create a simple pattern, or keep it organic.

Once the adhesive clears to a milky white, place a sheet of gold leaf over the area. Lightly smooth the surface with your hands, then use a soft-bristled brush in circular motions. Add several sheets until you’re happy with your design, then let it dry. In a few hours, we suggest painting a smooth thin layer of sealer over the top.

Gild a Candle Holder

6. Elevate Your Garland

While you’re at it, add some gold leaf to real dry leaves (or faux leaves) to elevate a place setting, adorn a mantel or add to a holiday wreath. Tip: Wash your paintbrush in water immediately after painting on the adhesive.

Elevate Your Garland

7. Make Stained Wooden Tree Ornaments

First, gather your supplies: wooden miniature trees in various shapes and sizes, acrylic paint (in shades of green), paint brush, cup of water, baby wipes, mini eye screws in hooks and ribbon. Use watered-down paint to coat the wood, using baby wipes to wipe off any excess. Once dry, screw mini eye screws into the top of the tree and add a decorative hanging loop topper.

Make Stained Wooden Tree Ornaments

8. DIY Your Own Snow Globe

Repurpose your old glass jars into homemade Christmas decorations! Paint the lid a colour of your choice, then fill it with bottle brushes, adorable animal figures, fake snow, and glitter. Finally, glue on the lid and you’re ready to display your creation.

DIY Your Own Snow Globe

9. Put Cards on Display

Tie a trio of fresh greens to a wooden hanger and display it somewhere within reach, so you can clip on a Christmas card as soon as it arrives.

Put Cards on Display

10. Put Out Candles and More Candles

Accentuate your mantel with a monochromatic display of candles that range in varying heights and sizes—and don’t forget to pair it with festive greenery. For a cohesive aesthetic, hang Christmas stockings with ribbon in a complementary colour.

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Put Out Candles and More Candles

11. Cast a Warm Glow

Fill glass lanterns with LED twinkle lights and place them by your front door, inside your fireplace or along your stairs to light the way.

Cast a Warm Glow

12. Style a Festive Bar Cart

Make sure your bar cart is appropriate for holiday entertaining by adding festive touches like a decorated tabletop tree. Add a bunch of candy canes for your house guests to eat as they pass by.

Style a Festive Bar Cart

13. Deck Out Your Mantel

If you’re short on storage space, DIY your own paper garland, holly berries and all. That way, once the season ends, you can take it off your mantel or banister and store it flat until next December.

Deck Out Your Mantel

14. Don’t Forget the Kitchen

Decorate your kitchen so beautifully that it will make holiday cooking more exciting. From a wreath above the stove to a mini tree in a pitcher filled with vintage ornaments, this holiday kitchen is full of festive greens. Complete the look by adding splashes of red with accessories such as candles, towels, and bows.

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Don't Forget the Kitchen

15. Round Up Vintage Bulbs

Visit your local flea market (or Grandma’s attic!) to find a bunch of festively coloured bulbs. Then glue them around the wreath, dusting some of the bulbs with glitter as you go along.

Round Up Vintage Bulbs

16. Keep It Neutral

Drape a lush garland along the ladder for a natural, natural Christmas style. Pair it with a collection of cherry snowflake decals along the back wall.

Keep It Neutral

17. Bring Reindeer to Your Table

Make these friendly-faced reindeer fit for the occasion by covering their antlers with gold and silver glitter. Dot them around your mantel, bookshelf, or table all month long, then use them as place card holders for your holiday feast.

Bring Reindeer to Your Table

18. Arrange Presents on the Mantel

Beautifully wrapped gifts make great holiday decorations (even if they aren’t actual presents). Gather a stack on your mantel, arrange them under the Christmas tree or stack them in a corner to elevate your space.

Arrange Presents on the Mantel

19. Opt for Red Accents

Red is a sign of the season, hence the festive pillows, berry wreaths (on a mirror!) and plaid throws in the cherry hue.

Opt for Red Accents

20. Build a Bottle Brush Tree Forest

Arrange bottle brushes of different heights, sizes and colours on your fireplace mantel, shelf, or bookcase to create your own colourful forest.

Build a Bottle Brush Tree Forest

21. Combine Greens and Glitter

Combine metallic garland and glittery pillar candles with fresh greens to add a touch of glam to your space.

Combine Greens and Glitter

22. Triple the Wreaths

Why decorate with just one breath, when three looks can be even more festive? Pin three green wreaths to your front door to impress your neighbours and house guests.

Triple the Wreaths

23. Trade Stockings for Mugs

Perhaps, it’s time to start a new tradition: This year, pack your stockings and craft a matching Christmas mug for each family member. Fill them with sweet treats, small trinkets or whatever Santa normally leaves behind.

Trade Stockings for Mugs

24. DIY a Christmas Card Tree

You’ve likely received an infinite number of Christmas cards (which isn’t a bad thing), so choose the best one to display on your wall. Arrange them in a Christmas tree shape for a festive look.

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DIY a Christmas Card Tree

25. Award Your Family Members

Every time you snatched up the prize ribbon as a kid, there’s no reason why you can’t find room for a few on your Christmas tree. Tie together a collection of coloured ribbons to make a playful garland.

Award Your Family Members

26. Give Santa a Warm Welcome

There’s no doubt that Santa and Rudolph will appreciate a handwritten chalkboard greeting when they swing by for milk and cookies.

Give Santa a Warm Welcome

27. Get Creative with Ice Skates

This year, skip the traditional wreath and try an unexpected design, like this ice skate wreath with pom-poms and silver ornaments.

Get Creative with Ice Skates

28. Decorate a Tree with Citrus

Who said fruits have no place in your Christmas decorations? For a fun twist, consider making your own wreath from dried citrus. Simply use twine, nylon thread or wire to attach it.

Decorate a Tree with Citrus

29. Craft a Paper Leaf Garland

Put your creativity on full display by decorating your Christmas dinner table with a DIY leaf wreath. All you need is green craft paper and fun red jingle bells to complete the look.

Craft a Paper Leaf Garland

30. Go Big on Berries

Looking for an easy way to take simple garland to the next level? For an extravagant holiday entrance, wrap garland in red berries—the perfect accent to frame your door—and then hang a wreath of the same design to put the look together.

Go Big on Berries

31. Incorporate Pops of Plaid

Boost your living room cozy factor with an assortment of stockings in a festive plaid pattern.

Incorporate Pops of Plaid

32. Go for a Bold Palette

There’s no reason you can’t embrace bold colours for the holiday season. Give the traditional Christmas palette a break and opt for a combination of white and bright green, as seen in this playful living room. Add pops of gingham to complete the look.

Go for a Bold Palette

33. Arrange Felt Tree Hurricanes

Go for a playful, crafty look by adorning your table with a glass hurricane covered in felt Christmas tree. Play up the green theme with complementary dishware, cloth napkins and spruce branches.

Arrange Felt Tree Hurricanes

34. Add a Festive Pillow

Watching your favourite holiday movies will be more enjoyable with a cozy throw pillow in the mix. Top off a red pillow with white ribbon and a little greenery to liven up any basic chair or sofa.

Add a Festive Pillow

35. DIY an Advent Calendar

If you’re not feeling a traditional chocolate or toy advent calendar, make your own with paper tags and on-theme trinkets. That way, the whole family can join in on the fun.

DIY an Advent Calendar

36. Go for the Candy Effect

Skip the traditional red and green and opt for candy-coloured ornaments instead. Throw in some candy canes and mint wreaths for good measure.

Go for the Candy Effect

37. Have Fun with Santa

Once Santa is done with his annual duties, he can cut his hair (or beard?) short. Show everyone their true colours — red, white, and wild — with a cute, mantle-ready display.

Have Fun with Santa

38. Deck the Walls

When you have plenty of presents under the tree, it’s time to get creative. Enter this bookshelf covered in matching wrapping paper and gifts with touches of black, white, and silver.

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Deck the Walls

39. Dress Up a Twig Tree

For an affordable decorating option, spray paint a sprig and accessorize it with mini ornaments. The best part? You don’t need to worry about watering it.

Dress Up a Twig Tree

40. Mix and Match Gift Wrap

Before you start wrapping the actual gifts, practice your skills with seasonal paper and ribbon on leftover Amazon boxes (you know you have them) for an instant outdoor display.

Mix and Match Gift Wrap

41. Count Down to Christmas

For an eye-catching statement piece, place a lightbox under the tree to count down the days until Christmas (until it’s time for presents).

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Count Down to Christmas

42. Add Rustic Charm

Just because you don’t live in a log cabin, doesn’t mean you can’t pretend. Wooden boxes, snow-covered tabletop trees and old sleds — bust out all your antique store finds and use them to decorate any room in the house.

Add Rustic Charm

43. Lean on Evergreens

Bring a variety of textures and colours into a Christmas-ready space by adding greens, plaids and knits. And if you use real evergreens, it’ll smell just as festive.

Lean on Evergreens

44. Get Playful with Balloons

DIY your own holiday banner by turning balloons into colourful baubles.

Get Playful with Balloons

45. Reorganize the Bookshelf

Wrap books with leftover wrapping paper for pretty hooks, or swap in winter prints and festive figurines.

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Reorganize the Bookshelf

46. Create a Hot Cocoa Bar

Give your bar cart a seasonal makeover with a tabletop tree, customized wood sign, cute cups, and an assortment of hot beverages.

Create a Hot Cocoa Bar

47. Make the Bedroom Festive

Your party guests may never see these decorations, but you will (and that’s all that counts, right?) Add shades of blue and green to warm up your favourite space.

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Make the Bedroom Festive

48. Let It Glow

Weave string lights into evergreens and pines for twinkling sparkle. For an equally cozy ambiance, scatter candles and lanterns throughout the room.

Let It Glow

49. Line a Staircase

This idea really comes to life at night: Dress up a staircase with battery-operated candles to make sure Santa can find his way back.

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Line a Staircase

50. Add Vintage Accents

Even your kids’ playroom deserves festive treats. Let decorations straight from your childhood — paper houses, vintage ornaments, and tinsel trees — adorn it.

Add Vintage Accents

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